Free Event: Micro-habits, Macro-results

Prepare for a transformative online encounter! In an engaging45-minute webinar, we present Brad Hook, Partner at the Resilience Institute, who will walk us through the intriguing world of micro-habits, and how they can propel us towards sustainable change.

Dive into the heart of identity-based habits with Brad, as he unravels their pivotal role in life-altering transformations. Learn about phased habit formation, where small, intentional actions incrementally metamorphose into significant behavioral modifications, thus defying our natural resistance to change.

Brad will also shed light on habit stacking, an innovative technique intertwining new habits with established routines. Discover the power of  compelling combinations in accelerating your journey towards personal and professional milestones.

Supplemented with practical examples, Brad's insights will empower you to tap into the potential of micro-habits effectively.

Register using the link in the panel below.

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