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What makes a great leader?

Resilience is the foundation of good leadership. Leaders today operate under complexity and pace that demands advanced personal and interpersonal skills. The ability to bounce, have courage to make change, use creativity to solve problems and connect effectively with others are the trademarks of the resilient leader.

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Jacques de Vaucleroy, CEO AXA NORCEE

Welcome from Dr Sven Hansen, founder of The Resilience Institute

Leadership training and development

Even great teams go through difficulties. Targeted leadership and change  management training can accelerate the personal, interpersonal and influence skills required to master the art and science of leadership. Training your leaders in resilience will enable sustainable high performance in your teams and whole organisation.

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Developing leadership skills

We offer transformational leadership training in the form of resilience keynotes, half-day and full day workshops, online leadership training courses and leadership assessment tools specifically designed to enhance  performance.

‘I’ve been in the business nearly 19 years and in Leadership roles for the last 10, and it was great to do something new that can totally change the way you lead your team. I would love to see it rolled out to all People Leaders.’

Senior Manager – Top 4 Australian Bank

Online leadership training, there when you need it

Online leadership training brings together the best of our leadership training courses in an accessible and flexible format. The course content is delivered as six, one-hour courses that include videos, practice tips, personal missions and resources to enable a rich learning experience.

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Leadership assessment

Before embarking on a leadership development program it is important to understand how your leaders are doing right now. Our Resilience Diagnostic is a leadership assessment tool that provides detailed insight into resilience at all levels of human function.

Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualized recommendations and as an organisation you will receive a comprehensive report defining your teams strengths and opportunities for leadership development.

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Resilient leadership articles and insights

Resilient Women in Leadership

Resilience has specific implications for women in leadership development. Researching 16,000 Resilience Diagnostics we discovered that leadership skills and training required for women is different to leadership development for men.

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The Future of Leadership training

HBR (October 2016) estimates that much of the $356 billion spent on training is wasted. We explore why and what that means for leadership development – specifically organisational design and demanding expertise from leaders.

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Coaching for Team Flow

High performing teams is in the spotlight. Current research challenges our default perceptions of style, talent and diversity. Empathy and social intelligence drive team performance. The behaviours are clearly learnable and leaders are taking note.

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Resilience as Strategy

Leadership must prioritise resilience as strategy. Without resilience, organisations, communities and nations risk failure. While we recognise the bottom-up value of individual resilience in health, quality of life and productivity, many have yet to take the top-down resilience journey.

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Resilience Training Delivers

The proof is in the results

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.56 to 1.92 – a 23% gain

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.4 to 1.71 – a 22% gain

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.92 to 2.39 – a 25% gain

Trusted by hundreds of organisations worldwide

…our staff found the facilitation extremely professional and many took away concrete
commitments in terms of changes of practices they would make to create a more sustainable
approach to their work and their life in general.

Beth Callen

Global HR Manager, Downstream Strategy Portfolio & Alternative
Energies, Shell International Petroleum Company