Benoit Greindl
CEO, Global

Based in Switzerland, originally from Belgium, Benoit is an entrepreneur.

He spent 25 years of his business life developing commercial real estate services companies in Europe, America and Asia where he lived during 5 years. Convinced that entrepreneurship is a core source of innovation and societal wealth creation, Benoit is today involved in meaningful and socially responsible projects.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Montagne Alternative, an inspiring seminar centre in the Swiss Alps, co-founder of The Resilience Institute Europe and president of the Board of B Corp Switzerland. As a strategic advisor, Benoit accompanies different leaders and organizations to progress towards achieving a compelling vision and impact.

Benoit speaks French and English.

Alexia Michiels
Co-founder and Partner, Switzerland

Based in Switzerland, originally from Belgium, Alexia is co-founder of the Resilience Institute Europe. With a degree in commercial and consular Sciences, Alexia worked 10 years in marketing and media before moving to China where she became a certified professional coach and a yoga instructor.

She now accompanies people and organizations that, in a complex environment, want to build their resilience skills and be ready to face the daily challenges of a transforming world.

Passionate about the resilience integral and practical approach, Alexia is a dynamic facilitator who will bring a “yoga” touch to her courses. She is the author of “The Resilience Drive” (Favre Editions, 2017).

Alexia speaks French and English.

[email protected]
Phone: +41 76 783 2791

Thierry Moschetti
Co-founder & Partner, United Kingdom

Based in the UK, Thierry has twenty years of team management, business development and training experience in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia where he has lived 12 years.

Prior to establishing the Resilience Institute in Singapore and in the UK, he was Regional General Manager Greater China for a British listed organization.

Thierry holds a Master of Science in Management, he is a certified Singapore ACTA trainer & assessor, a certified trainer in Emotional Intelligence and in Qigong. He is a passionate Taichi practitioner and an active runner.

Thierry speaks French and English.

[email protected]
Phone: +44 7391 032 479

Laurent Levisalles
Co-founder, France

Based in France, Laurent is co-founder of the Resilience Institute Europe. He holds a Master of Science in Management from Paris-Dauphine University, an Executive MBA from HEC Paris and is a certified coach.

For 20 years Laurent held several positions as managing director in the retail industry in the US, Europe and China for start-ups and global companies. Following his strong appeal for Human Sciences, he spent much of his energy on people development and management.

Enthusiast facilitator, dynamic keynote speaker, Laurent supports leaders and their team in building resilience and leadership. Qi gong instructor, he incorporates practices in his training sessions. Laurent teaches in several business schools in Executive Education.

[email protected]
Phone: +33 6 9849 6238

Katrien Audenaert
Partner, Belgium

Based in Belgium, Katrien joined the Resilience Institute after having lived several years in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

After 15 years of experience in the legal field (first as a legal advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister Dehaene and later as a Magistrate in the Belgian Constitutional Court), Katrien decided to make a career shift as an executive coach when she moved to Asia. She is certified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Workplace Big 5.

Katrien has since then put her energy in helping people achieve their goals, lead with passion, purpose and presence.

Katrien speaks Dutch, French and English.

[email protected]
Phone: + (32) 471 63 43 84

Carlota Simo
Executive Coach, Switzerland

Originally from Spain, Carlota is now based in Zurich, after having lived and worked for more than 20 years in Germany, Ireland, India and China.

Since 2007, Carlota is supporting global leaders and multicultural teams enhancing and developing their effectiveness as individuals and team members. She has a passion for authentic and courageous leadership, and creativity. Before that, she worked as a lawyer in an international law firm and as a mediator in a global tourism company.

Carlota is a qualified executive coach and facilitator and is certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI®). Carlota is also a yoga instructor.

Carlota speaks Spanish, English and German.

[email protected]

Glenn Nicholson
Senior Associate Consultant

Based in Switzerland and originally from the UK, Glenn served 9 years as a Royal Marines Commando, an elite fighting force. He served two tours of active service on the frontline in Afghanistan. He later led high performing teams in extremely stressful environments.

After transitioning from the military, he developed a program designed to help busy professionals find work-life balance with a focus on mindset.

Glenn is fascinated by the topic of resilience and the parallels between the corporate and military worlds. He uses his passion, past experiences and knowledge to build resilient individuals, teams and organisations.

Glenn speaks English.

[email protected]

Aurelie Thevenin
Office Manager, France

Based in France, Aurélie holds a Master degree in Marketing and International Trade (Paris – Sorbonne).

She has 17 years of experience in back office for several international organisations. Aurélie has accompanied customers and internal teams in strategic changes and reorganisations.

She then became very interested in personal development and convinced about the relevance of cultivating resilience in organisations, she joined The Resilience Institute in 2021.

In charge of the back office and the front office, Aurélie brings her energy and smile to best serve our customers!

Aurélie speaks French and English.

[email protected]

Adrianne Sumulong
Digital Product Coordinator

Adrianne, who is based in Manila, Philippines, has worked for several years in a corporate setting as sales & business development manager, until she switched environments and moved to the digital world where she contributed growing a number of successful global technology companies.

Joining the Resilience Institute in 2021, Adrianne’s hybrid expertise strengthens the human-technology approach in shaping resilient workplaces – where her vibrant spirit, aligned with strong ethics and ambition to make the world a bettter place are her driving force in supporting every individual’s resilience journey.

When offline, Adrianne is a modern boy-mom who loves taking photos, video editing, and spiritually nourishing activities.

Adriane speaks English and Filipino.

[email protected]

Judith Heezen
Senior Associate Consultant, North America

Having fulfilled roles as Program Manager for a well-known Business School in The Netherland and Managing Director of retreat centers in Belgium, as well as being an international executive coach, health expert, resilience coach and dedicated mother of 6, Judith is constantly exploring the next stage of personal resilience, and exploring ways to support leaders in living a richer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Currently living in Vancouver, and originating from the Netherlands, she divides her time supporting executives on their health and resilience journey, living the resilience life being passionate and teaching the importance of “integrative food for body, heart and soul.

Family life is her cornerstone for this entrepreneurial life.

[email protected]


Amelie Blohm Gueissaz
Senior Office Manager, Switzerland

Based in Switzerland, originally from Germany, Amelie is an Office Manager with Resilience Institute Global SA.

She studied business administration in St. Gall and has more than 15 years of professional experience in finance and accounting in several international companies as well as many years in Swiss politics. Amelie shows professionnalisme, reliability and dedication towards work.

She speaks German, French and English.

[email protected]


Nathalie Grospiron
Financial Director, Europe

Based in Lille, Nathalie has worked 24 years in large organisations from different sectors in Finance management roles.

In 2014, she met the founder of DAF Online, a network of external Finance Directors. After working in large organisations, she then decides to work with smaller enterprises.

Independent since 2015 under the DAF Online brand,  Nathalie is a Finance Director for various SME’s in different sectors. She accompanies The Resilience Institute Europe since July 2019.

Nathalie speaks French and English.

[email protected]

Pauline Soares
Social Media Manager, Europe

Pauline joined the Resilience Institute Europe in 2018.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Paris-Dauphine University Pauline spent 10 years in luxury hotel management. She then decided to shift her career to adjust her family life.

Eager to follow the digital evolution of our world, she obtained a diploma as Digital Project Manager, completed with a certification in Community Management.

Concerned about the world we borrow from our children, she is engaged in a zero-waste and digital sobriety process, focusing on what really matters.

Pauline speaks French, English, and Portuguese.

To Contact Pauline: [email protected]


Dominique Berdoz
Senior Consultant, Switzerland

Originally from Germany, Dominique lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A graduate nurse, she studied psychology and has a Master’s degree in psychosociology. Dominique then works in the promotion and prevention of health in business. She also teaches at the Haute Ecole de Santé in Fribourg.

Very interested in the different ways of stimulating people’s resources, she got a postgraduate degree in positive psychology at the University of Zurich. This leads Dominique to share her expertise within many corporate environments.

Dominique speaks French, German and English.

To Contact Dominique: [email protected]

Stephan Coridon
Senior Associate Consultant, France

Based in France, Stephan Coridon supports leaders and management teams in the development of leadership and collective efficiency.

As a certified Executive Coach, he has been working with SMEs and large international groups in 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 2005. Passionate about leadership and the social and community development, he founded an NGO in Africa aiming at mentoring African leaders and entrepreneurs.

Graduate of KEDGE Business School and Paris Dauphine University, he is certified by several international coaching schools (Coaching Ways, Marshall Goldsmith, Insead)..

Stephan speaks French and English.

[email protected]

Ann Wauters
Senior Associate Consultant, Belgium

Based in Belgium, Ann Wauters has played for more than 20 years in professional basketball. She has played in 7 different countries, over 3 continents. She has won 4 times the Euroleague, a WNBA title and a bronze medal at the European Championship with the Belgian national team. She was named 5 times European player of the year.

Ann knows how to work in a team and be successful in a very competitive world. She has made the transition off the court and loves to share her experiences with organisations. She is passionate and shows the parallels between elite sports and the corporate world.

Resilience was a key factor of her long-lasting professional career and helped her to grow as a team leader.

She speaks Dutch, French and English.

[email protected]

Milan Hosta
Consultant, Slovenia

Milan is a life coach focusing on resilience, flow, and grounded spirituality.

Starting a career in academia at the Faculty of Sport and Applied Kinesiology for 10 years, he then took the challenge in international business as a program director and as a start-up founder and CEO. He also led a 2 year EU social intervention project under the EU in South-East Turkey engaging over 40 employees.

Milan holds a PE & Sport Science degree and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He is a member of the Slovenian Coaching Association, World Business & Executive Coach Summit, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and International Breathwork Foundation. A professional member of the Galileo Commission that is exploring and expanding the frontiers of science, medicine, and spirituality. Works also with Familylab, focusing on the atmosphere in the family, emotional and mental hygiene, and playfulness. Milan is the leading expert on breathwork in Slovenia, running certified courses on Integral breathing for over 20 years, and is an honorary member of the Buteyko Breathing International.

He offers support to high-performing individuals, elite athletes, companies, and clients with various growth or transformational challenges, wellbeing, or health issues. An inspiring speaker and well-versed facilitator of corporate wellness and resilience retreats & team-coaching.

He joined the Resilience Institute where his passions and ambitions can be further utilized for the common good of humanity.

Milan’s coaching motto is: Enjoy the lifetime journey with an agile body, warm heart, and an open mind to create a healthy, meaningful, successful, and compassionate career & community!

Milan speaks Slovene, English, Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian.