Alexia Michiels
Partner, Europe

Based in Switzerland, originally from Belgium, Alexia is co-founder of the Resilience Institute Europe.
After more than 10 years in the corporate world in marketing and media, Alexia moved to China where she became a professional certified coach and a yoga instructor. She decided then to devote her energy to empower individuals to enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life.
Passionate about the resilience integral and practical approach, Alexia is a dynamic facilitator who will bring a “yoga” touch to her courses.

Alexia speaks French and English.
Phone: +41 76 783 2791

Laurent Levisalles
Partner, Europe

Based in France, Laurent is co-founder of the Resilience Institute Europe.
For 20 years Laurent held several positions as managing director in the retail industry in the US, Europe and China for start-ups and global companies. Following his strong appeal for Human Sciences, he spent much of his energy on people development and management.
Influenced by his experience in China, he became qigong instructor and incorporates qi-gong practices in his training sessions. Amongst his assignments, Laurent teaches in several business schools.
Laurent speaks French and English.
Phone: +33 6 9849 6238

Katrien Audenaert
Partner, Europe

Based in Belgium, Katrien joined the Resilience Institute after having lived several years in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

After 15 years of experience in the legal field (first as a legal advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister Dehaene and later as a Magistrate in the Belgian Constitutional Court), Katrien decided to make a career shift as an executive coach when she moved to Asia. She is certified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Workplace Big 5.

Katrien has since then put her energy in helping people achieve their goals, lead with passion, purpose and presence.

Katrien speaks Dutch, French and English.
Phone: + (32) 471 63 43 84

Randall Zindler
Senior Consultant, Switzerland

Based in Lausanne, Randall is originally from the United States.
After working several years in disaster management, Randall worked in marketing with the Credit Suisse Group, and in leadership development with the Swissair Group. He then was the group CEO of an international NGO. Randall has been involved in many networks such as The World Economic Forum, EU-CORD, or YPO.

Academically, Randall has a global role as a Senior Teaching Fellow with the Leadership Centre of Lancaster University (UK). He is also a Doctoral Fellow with a research topic on leadership transition.

Randall speaks English.
Phone: +(41) 78 796 47 77

Carlota Simo
Senior Consultant, Germany

Based in Munich, originally from Spain, Carlota lived and worked 20 years in Germany, Ireland, India and China.
After a career as a lawyer in an international law firm and a mediator in a global tourism company, Carlota decided to follow her passion for human development and devote her career to executive coaching, focusing on leadership and creativity.
Carlota is a qualified executive coach and facilitator and is certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI®).
Carlota speaks Spanish, German and English.
Phone: +49-151-101-969-82