Global business opportunities for practitioners and entrepreneurs

Your own Resilience Business

Resilience is established as a foundation of great leadership, effective teams, sports performance, a meaningful life and strong families. Everyone benefits from the knowledge and the skills. It is perhaps the most important need of our time.

We need partners to help us grow in an evidence-based, integral and practical way. We can help you add resilience to your life, your career and calling. As a partner you are profiled in our practice community, get access to our materials, tools and expert support.

Our joint success rests upon the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our practitioners and partners. Accreditation assures our clients and you that our solutions deliver meaningful results. We have proven success. We are keen to talk.

Organisational License

We can help you internalise resilience as a core competence within your organisation. In partnership with you we will help you design your program, train your facilitators and customise materials to your unique needs. You will have access and support to deliver:

  1. The Resilience Diagnostic: 60 factor self assessment
  2. Resilient Leadership 360: 29 competencies
  3. Resilience Training
  4. Resilient Leadership
  5. Coaching for resilience

Our experience can help you move with speed, precision and impact.

Facilitator Accreditation

With a global client list and regional hubs we are looking for new team members. Facilitator accreditation gives you the training and support to build your own practice and work with our teams. You will learn how to sell, design and facilitate resilience training sessions and have access to our diagnostics and online training courses.

These attributes lead to success:

  1. Driven to make a positive shift in people’s lives
  2. Passion for the Resilience philosophy
  3. Credibility in at least one aspect of theory or practice
  4. Presence, Emotional Intelligence and Humility
  5. Business Acumen
  6. Walks the talk and maintains integral daily practice
  7. Love of learning
  8. Business ethics/trust
  9. Cultural awareness/consciousness

We would love to hear about you, your practice and your aspirations.

Territory License

Explore an exclusive license for a Resilience Institute business in your region?

While the first step is to be confident that you are trained, competent and confident to assess and train resilience, we have successfully licensed five territories to build a regional business hub.  We collaborate over projects, skills and clients. With an extensive suite of assessment tools, training methodologies and a global client list, we can help you get your business up and running fast.

Please submit your CV and business plan with your enquiry.

Get Started

Contact Dr Sven Hansen or +64 21 730 995

Please include your details and your intentions for partnership and we will send you the relevant details to get started.