Inside-Out – Resilience Book

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By Dr Sven Hansen
By enquiring deeply into who you are and how you operate, you can discover much better ways to live and be. This is the practice of resilience – learning to be calm, energised, engaged, focused and in flow.


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Why read Inside-Out?

Each of the practices described in this resilience book are soundly based on evidence and deliver results. Steps such as sorting out sleep, nutrition and exercise are easier to understand and harder to perfect. Other steps such as coherence, positivity and meditation are more complex to understand, yet can be surprisingly rewarding to initiate.

Inside-Out shows you:

  • How to bounce in adversity
  • How to stay calm and courageous
  • How to cultivate your body, emotions, mind and spirit
  • How to connect with others

So throw away the pills and creams. Begin a journey of discovery and creative expression. Define your gifts, sharpen your practice and find flow.

About the Author

Dr Sven Hansen is a medical practitioner with an MBA who has specialised in preventative medicine, emotional intelligence, cognitive training and stress mastery. With a background in Special Forces and Sports Medicine, he has run corporate wellness programmes since 1988. Sven leads the development and thinking of The Resilience Institute and trains executives and professionals in the application of resilience. He is active in The Resilience Institute’s development into overseas markets. Sven has a specific interest in developing leadership teams and the application of biological principles to leadership, strategy and sustainability. Sven lives in Auckland with Susan and two children, he is a keen outdoor sportsman.

279 Pages
Published January 2015
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2 reviews for Inside-Out – Resilience Book

  1. Brad Hook

    I have read both the paperback and the kindle versions. Dr Sven Hansen has immense depth of knowledge and while some of my favourite authors have touched on the subjects featured within this book, none have managed to package them up in such a uniquely engaging way.

    Inside-Out is a practical guide that covers everything from courage to creativity, with evidence-based science to support the insights. It’s the kind of book you can dive in and out of whenever you need a lift, but personally I recommend making the practical exercises part of your routine. They’re designed to help you attain mastery and live with resilience, presence and flow.

    There are many ways to live life and being fearless provides a foundation for success, whatever that may be for you.
    Brad Hook.

  2. Monica G

    Inside-Out was a very insightful and powerful book from beginning to end. It is very well written and what stuck out to me the most as you read this is that the author really knows what he is talking about which sometimes is hard to come by these days. The exercises described inside of this book are phenomenal at building one to be strong and resilient. The book is filled with a lot of information but is put together in a way that made this really easy to go through and most importantly understand. I found this to actually be very motivating and encouraging for me. Grateful to have found this.
    Monica G

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