Resilience Coach Accreditation

Offer resilience tools and training to your clients

Would you like to become an Accredited Resilience Coach?

Join a team of passionate coaches and facilitators who are on a mission to cultivate bounce, courage, connection and creativity in the lives of those we care about.

Our methodology is evidence-based, yet practical. It provides specific action steps, yet an integrated approach. Resilience is a rewarding lifelong journey, both for our team and those we teach.

As an Accredited Resilience Coach our resilience assessment and coaching tools will add significant value to your practice.  You will also gain access to our members-only resources, a monthly team webinar and first look at new initiatives and tools.

We invite individuals who are coaches, doctors, psychologists, teachers or counsellors to explore the benefits below.

You are also welcome to book a Resilience Coaching program for yourself right now.

Benefits of becoming a resilience coach

  • Help individuals become more resilient using an evidence-based approach
  • Add another dimension to your coaching skill set
  • Resell our Resilience Diagnostic and online training to your clients
  • Be associated with a leading training brand
  • Display the “Powered by Resilience” logo in your marketing materials

Start now

  1. To ensure we are a good fit, we ask all prospective coaches to complete the Your Resilience Journey online program. This gets you access to a Resilience Diagnostic assessment and all modules of our video training.
  2. Next we advise that you read Dr Sven Hansen’s book, Inside-Out: The Practice of Resilience.
  3. Email us your CV along with information about your existing coaching practice, or your plans for resilience coaching. This will help us shape your unique journey towards accreditation.
  4. Attend a public workshop or book in equivalent online training sessions with one of our team.
  5. Receive one-on-one coaching from our team to prepare you for your accreditation examination.
  6. Coach accreditation exam (online and interactive, in person or via webinar).
  7. Start working with clients, under guidance if required.