5 Key Competencies of the NZ School Curriculum

The School Curriculum: Powered by Resilience

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Education is being revolutionised. With high expectations and crowded lives, the cognitive elements of learning must be supported by strong self-mastery skills. A strong mind is built upon emotional and physical resilience. Performance demands wellbeing at all levels.

Education can change lives and society as a community that supports the deliberate practice of life skills that improve learning, cultivate meaningful lives and a productive society.

Resilience, embracing the learned skills to demonstrate bounce, courage, connection and creativity, enriches young lives and builds great educational institutions.

Through our expert training, digital courses and teacher accreditation, we are partnering with schools to integrate resilience into schools and education.

NZ Curriculum Key Competencies

1. Thinking

A key outcome of resilience training is a stable, focus and flexible mind.

Specific skills:

  1. Insight and meta-awareness
  2. Attention control
  3. Learned optimism
  4. Situation awareness
  5. Situational agility
  6. Contemplation

2. Using Language Symbols and Texts

Resilience teaches:

  1. Focused attention
  2. Physical, emotional and cognitive perspectives

3. Managing Self

Resilience teaches:

  1. Bounce and recovery
  2. Relaxation and anxiety mastery
  3. Impulse control
  4. Sleep, nutrition and exercise
  5. Emotional literacy and positivity

4. Relating to Others

Resilience teaches:

  1. Tactical calm
  2. Emotional and cognitive empathy
  3. Courage for powerful conversations
  4. Situational agility

5. Participating and Contributing

Resilience teaches:

  1. Physical presence
  2. Positivity
  3. Assertiveness
  4. Situation agility
  5. Optimal performance and flow

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