Student Resilience Assessment

A complete tool for assessing student resilience and wellbeing

Developed using our Resilience Diagnostic framework, we are proud to announce iBounce: Student Resilience Assessment.

This is a scaleable solution designed to help students assess and build their resilience in a secure online environment.  It includes over 30 practice tips designed specifically for school age learners, covering areas such as sleep quality, anxiety, bounce, positivity, and more.

Class reporting identifies risk and helps teachers to focus on the personal skills that will support learning. We believe that every student should take this brief, 30 factor assessment on an annual basis.

Resilience assessment outcomes

Our goal is to deliver significant value to participating schools and universities. Key outcomes include:

  1. Build student self awareness
  2. Focus students on practical, learnable skills
  3. Learn to play to strength and counter gaps
  4. Personal online learning tools in a safe environment
  5. Inspire students to reach their full potential through proven practices

The iBounce Resilience Assessment can be delivered in conjunction with training initiatives for school teaching staff. We encourage teachers to take on the role of resilience coaches, both for their own personal development and to build stronger relationships with students. Our network of Resilience Coaches can also assist with student coaching when required.

Learn, practice and measure

The power of our resilience assessment is that we can measure the impact of resilience training interventions, whether at the leadership, teacher or student level. Group reports reveal areas that require attention as well as those where positive change has occurred.

Ready to get started?


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