Online Resilience Training

Resilience Training Delivers

Online resilience training  brings together the best of our programs with the flexibility to offer a consistent experience across your organisation.

Time away from work, travel and venues add huge cost to training.  Our online resilience training programs solve that problem – and allow all organisations, however geographically dispersed or time challenged, to engage in a collaborative, robust, resilience building journey.

Our resilience training platform facilitates the mastery of Bounce, Courage, Creativity and Connection across your organisation to enable employee wellness and stress management.

We offer both fully facilitated and modular self-paced online training solutions to suit your budget, objectives and team.   

Modular Self-Paced Online Resilience Training

Beyond Health and Safety is Health and Resilience

RAPT is our proprietary Online Resilience Training Platform. Inside you’ll discover a selection of modular courses designed to help your staff move from health and safety to health and resilience.  Safety is the baseline, and each of your people can add quality and productivity to their lives (and to your organisation) by learning how to master the basics of Resilience.

Each module is a short multimedia learning experience with clear, simple video instruction, practical tips and short readings. These modules can be purchased alone or as a set, and are a powerful way to meet your commitment to healthy, happy and productive people.

RAPT can be custom-branded to suit the needs of your staff and your customers.

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Facilitated Online Training

  • Pre and post-course Resilience Diagnostic
  • Four modules
  • 18 training objectives
  • 17 high quality training videos
  • Expert facilitation by The Resilience Institute team
  • Personal development challenges
  • Engaging dialogue and coaching forum
  • 23 practical readings and 10 practice tips
  • Dr Sven Hansen’s new book: Inside-Out: the practice of resilience, 2015

Facilitated Online Training Course Modules


  • Understand resilience, personal benefits and social impact
  • Learn how to read and act on your diagnostic report
  • Know how resilience fails, how to detect failure and prevention
  • Learn real-time skills in bounce back and recovery
  • Breathing skills for sleep, focus and relaxation
  • Rejuvenation, tactical calm and sustainable performance


  • Health risk management, prevention and wellbeing
  • Physical training: aerobic, strength, flexibility, balance and speed
  • Securing a good night’s sleep, dealing with fatigue and travel
  • Simple evidence-based nutrition and meal planning
  • Building your integral daily practice


  • Reduce impulsivity and be calm under pressure or conflict
  • Undertand the basic of emotional intelligence and insight
  • Counter negative emotions and build constructive positivity
  • Learn how to focus, calm and rejuvenate the mind


  • How to reframe posture, emotion and mind for performance
  • How to build flow and sustainable, meaningful performance
  • Develop and share your personal plan
  • A short test to assess content mastery
  • Certificate in Resilience