Online and Blended Resilience Training

Measure, learn and track resilience

20 years of resilience training around the globe, compressed into a multiplatform training and assessment tool: the Resilience App.

The Resilience App provides a secure and private, mobile-friendly learning experience. The user journey is easy to follow, offering participants powerful insights and skill development opportunities. The video training modules align with our face-to-face training workshops, enabling a cohesive blended learning experience.


The Resilience Diagnostic measures 11 categories and 60 factors of resilience. It includes dynamic and interactive self-coaching.


Designed to engage – we offer over 70 micro-learning videos covering the science and practice of resilience. Each video series includes a quiz to test participant knowledge.


Goal Keeper enables users to track key resilience goals using a simple emoji interface that builds awareness and momentum.

Experience the power of our approach.

An evidence-based toolkit

Provides individual insight and powerful group intelligence

By developing skills across a range of disciplines, employees can construct personal blueprints for safety, well-being and success. This integral approach creates a powerful web of competencies that protect an organisation and its people from distress. The result is high-sustainable, successful organisations that are grounded in resilient, productive, mentally healthy people.

Organisations across the world choose the Resilience App as a way to nurture and develop their most important asset – their people.

Understand resilience strengths and risks

The Resilience Diagnostic assessment is a 60-question assessment that takes less than 8 minutes to complete. Participants are presented with an interactive report including a Resilience Ratio score and priority recommendations. The assessment has been continuously improved over 8 years, with peer-reviewed psychometrics, including:

  • High reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha)
  • Construct Validity
    • Confirmatory Factor Analysis
    • Item Response Theory

The Resilience Diagnostic is made up of 11 categories; each evaluated by a set of 5 to 7 questions. These categories are defined as either ASSET or LIABILITY. Highly resilient people have high ASSET scores and low LIABILITY scores.

From an organisational perspective, the Resilience Diagnostic offers powerful insights into your people’s risks and strengths. Personal data is always confidential, however, the aggregate group results can be mapped across all 60 resilience factors. We can also segment the data into customised reporting groups to match organisational structures.

Participants are able to click on the interactive resilience spiral to view their own strengths and risks. A simple traffic light system provides a way to quickly focus on areas requiring attention. Each factor of resilience includes a detailed definition, explanation and multiple reading resources.

Daily resilience tracker

Introducing Goal Keeper – a new way to track your resilience goals. Build awareness, gain momentum and see results.

Goal Keeper is so simple that you can track your goals in under a minute per day. While tracking you can click on the goals to view quick tips from the Resilience Journey video program.

  • Builds momentum without fuss
  • Works on Web, iOS and Android
  • Innovative emoji tracking interface
  • Smartphone push notifications provide a friendly nudge
  • Based on 9 resilience categories and 21 factors
  • Integrated with the video learning modules
  • Group progress reporting to show impact

Complete resilience training

By Dr Sven Hansen

  • Comprehensive video program by Dr Sven Hansen
  • Individual and group diagnostic assessments
  • Teaches rapid bounce for when things go wrong
  • Develops mastery of lifestyle essentials
  • Unlocks courage, connection and creativity
  • Develops health, safety and resilience
  • Creates the foundations for Team Flow

100% Exclusive

Based on the Resilience Diagnostic and Development framework, training is practical and evidence-based.

Video Learning

Your Resilience Journey contains a series of quick and informative videos, along with quizzes and resources.

Secure & Confidential

Our GDPR-compliant platform enabled participants to explore their resilience in a safe and confidential space.

Blended learning

With a team of experienced facilitators around the world we are able to enhance digital training with high impact face-to-face workshops covering focus areas. These impact sessions are generally 90 minutes long and can be delivered in person or via webinar. Giving teams a structured learning journey, punctuated by face-to-face sessions with resilience trainers provides maximum impact for individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Make resilience your own

The Resilience App is flexible, adaptable and can scale to suit any organisation’s needs. The interface can be branded, allowing you to deliver the application as a seamless company initiative. The learning programs can be customised to suit your organisation’s specific needs and additional programs can be added simply and easily, at any time.

We have designed the Resilience App with organisations in mind: it can be used for everything from staff on boarding to ongoing situational resilience training, the Resilience App is central to building a resilient workplace culture.

Resilience training on-demand

Employees can use our training app in any web browser, or they can download the apps for iPhone and Android. This gives them them the ability to reference key resilience techniques, set reminders to stay you on track, listen to relaxation techniques, track daily goals and much more.


The resilience training App includes:

 Resilience & Bounce

 Calm, Focused & Connected

 Health & Wellbeing

 Fitness, Sleep & Nutrition

 Performance Mindset

 Reframing & Flow

Resilience Diagnostic

The Resilience Diagnostic is based on 60 questions from the range of factors that determine resilience and effectiveness. It takes 10 minutes to complete with an Interactive Report available immediately. Used by over 35,000 people the Resilience Diagnostic provides individualised recommendations and forms the foundation of Resilience @ Work.

You can purchase the Resilience Diagnostic by itself if you prefer.

Introduction to Resilience

The science and practice of resilience. What resilience is and how it can change your life, your work and our world.

How Resilience Fails

Understand how resilience fails. If we understand the early signs of trouble we can take deliberate, practical steps to prevent the downward slide.

Rapid Bounce

We can all learn how to bounce rapidly in and from adversity.  Learn the practical steps to get yourself back on track.

Relaxation & Coherence

The foundation of resilience is to know how to stay calm, focused and connected when you confront challenging situations.

Tactical Calm

Tactical calm and real-time relaxation. Practical tips on how to calm and focus using your posture, breath, emotion and focus.

Health & Wellbeing Fundamentals

Live longer and live better. Learn how to master health, prevention and wellbeing. Understand the the first risk process: Oxidation.

Health & Wellbeing Actions

Understanding and reversing plaque and inflammation. Be prepared for your next Health Assessment and know what to talk about.


Your physical fitness is the single biggest factor supporting or undermining your resilience. Understand how to fit the five forms of fitness into your life.

Sleep & Fatigue

Securing a good quality sleep is a foundation of your health, wellbeing and resilience.  Learn how to define the amount of sleep you need.


Learn how to master the basics of a healthy diet and design a meal plan that works for you.

Impulse Control

There are times when we struggle with negative emotions.  Often these are destructive outbursts of anger, sadness or fear. Learn about the amygdala.

Emotional Literacy

Emotional intelligence is considered to be at least twice as important as IQ. Recognise emotions, understand them, and use your emotions with skill.


Learn the basics of positive psychology to catch negative dips and generate more positivity. Be calm, energised, kind, content and joyous.

Attention Control

Recognise mental traps like worry, regret and sadness. Learn how to be present and increase your focus and atttention (mindfulness) during the day.

Situation Mastery (Reframing)

Many situations in life will be difficult.  Successful people understand how to recognise the elements of difficulty and learn how to reframe these.

Optimal Performance & Flow

The ultimate purpose of your resilience journey is FLOW. These are times when you are at your best – challenged and skilled.

Tools & Features

Video Training

The Resilience App includes core resilience video modules delivered by our facilitators.

My Plan

Create your own notes and strategies to help you apply the training to your own life.

My Awards

Get rewarded with animated medals when you achieve significant milestones.


Resilience in every language, at the click of a button (thanks Google!).

Quick Tips

Short, sharp tips to keep you focused during your learning journey.


You can bookmark any page and easily return to it later.

User Progress

From the Dashboard you can see how much of each course you have completed.

Fun User Interface

Animations, bright colours and responsive design make learning enjoyable.


Throughout the courses we link to a range of resources so learners can explore subjects in more depth.