Resilient Teams

Training teams to be calm and effective

Team resilience training that delivers results

The heart of resilience is to be calm and effective in the critical moments that count. Busyness is epidemic –  teams who find ways to cultivate steadiness, vitality, emotional responsiveness and strong minds become high performing teams.

Resilience training enables high performing teams to be calm, energised, engaged, focused and purposeful. Leaders and people cultivate health, happiness and productivity creating group cohesiveness. This attracts, retains and motivates all stakeholders, and supports engagement.

The Resilience Institute has a proven solution to measuring and increasing the human dimension of resilience, targeting the right investments, and delivering the results that underpin success.

Complete resilience training by Dr Sven Hansen

Our French team working with AXA

Resilience workshops, retreats and online training

Our teams around the world provide high-impact resilience training in a number of formats, ranging from retreats to face-to-face workshops. We also provide resilience as a digital experience for teams who are remote, or prefer learning online.

Resilience training topics

Our experienced facilitators cover a range of topics, including Bounce and Recovery, Wellbeing, Lifestyle Mastery, EQ, Positivity and Flow. We tailor resilience programmes for teams of all sizes, facing a range of challenges.

We encourage teams to use the Resilience diagnostic assessment before training. This provides individuals with a Resilience Ratio score and a foundation upon which the workshops will build.

Team flow

Team flow defines a high performing team – connectivity, trust, speed, innovation and results.  The team is energised, focused and playful.

With many years serving elite teams and their coaches in sport, we offer a unique perspective and methodology to work with you to build Team Flow into your teams. Our methods can be applied to organisational life and we can bring  this realistic, practical and evidence-based training to your team environment.

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Practical resilience training

Practical Resilience focuses on current best practices and immediately actionable problem solving frameworks to optimise individual and team performance.

  • Drive successful change management projects
  • Rejuvenate and energise your teams
  • Create team cohesion
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Attract, retain and motivate talent
  • Reduce distress, grievances and staff turnover
  • Significantly improved Employee Engagement
  • Lay the foundation of a resilient organisation
  • Create high performance teams

Delivering client resilience for over 20 years