Wellbeing Training

Safe, well and effective

Health and wellbeing is the foundation of our work. We have provided wellbeing solutions since 1988 including thousands of healthchecks, workshops and more recently digital training.  Our workplace wellbeing training enables organisations to:

  1. Benchmark the safety, wellbeing and effectiveness of their people
  2. Define where teams need support, encouragement and challenge
  3. Provide staff training and support, available 24/7 on all devices
  4. Build confident bounce, fitness, sleep, nutrition and relaxation
  5. Master evidence-based techniques proven to build wellbeing and vitality
  6. Receive progress updates to show how everyone is tracking
  7. Expert support to help engage safe, well and effective employees
  8. Proven Return on Investment from wellbeing (see below)

World health organisation’s definition of a healthy workplace:

A healthy workplace is one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of workers and the sustainability of the workplace by considering the following, based on identified needs:

  • health and safety concerns in the physical work environment;
  • health, safety and well-being concerns in the psychosocial work environment including organization of work and workplace culture;
  • personal health resources in the workplace; and
  • ways of participating in the community to improve the health of workers, their families and other members of the community.

1. Wellbeing is physical, emotional, mental and social

With 25 years pioneering workplace wellbeing, it is finally mainstream.  Hundreds of studies confirm that an investment in wellbeing delivers a positive ROI. It can be measured and has been confirmed to:

  1. Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  2. Reduce stress and health costs
  3. Increase morale and engagement, and
  4. Enhance productivity and team performance

The question for organisations is how to frame it, lead it, and execute practical, sustainable solutions that deliver results for your people and your business.

2. Define your language and a framework

3. Build a progressive, sustainable journey

Measure wellbeing

Physical, emotional, mental and social

Module 1–Bounce & Recovery

Be Safe: learn courage & bounce

Module 2–Physical Vitality

Sleep, nutrition, exercise and vitality

Track wellbeing impact

Physical, emotional, mental and social

4.  Remember it is a journey of reinforcement

5.  Digital wellbeing training enables you to:


Measure safety, wellbeing and effectiveness


Learn and practice vitality and lifestyle skills


Calm, energised and engaged culture

6.  Evidence is in the results

Banking team

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.56 to 1.92 – a 23% gain

Professional firm

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.4 to 1.71 – a 22% gain

Technology team

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.92 to 2.39 – a 25% gain