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Face-to-face and digital resilience programs that deliver measurable results.

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“Start by limiting the information you consume,” says Alexia Michiels, co-founder of the Resilience Institute Europe. “We absorb as much information in a day as our ancestors in the fifteenth century did in a lifetime,” she says.

Want some control back? Then learn how to develop resilience from Michiels, in conversation with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne.

Examples of post-program improvements:

Resilience diagnostic

The Resilience Diagnostic applies 20 years of ongoing research and experience to help you and your people transform performance.

Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit. Organisations receive a detailed aggregate report showing group resilience risks and assets.


We are a global team who develop employee resilience through seminars and workshops.

Our approach is practical and engaging, ensuring participants are equipped with skills that can be applied immediately. Whether you require employee resilience for safety, wellbeing or to build high performing teams, our face-to-face workshops will make an impact.

Resilience App

A comprehensive online learning experience, designed to equip individuals with a range of essential resilience skills.

Online video training includes over 36 micro-learning video episodes covering the science and practice of resilience. The daily resilience tracker helps build momentum and embed key practices. Quizzes test knowledge and allow for compliance-based competency review. The Resilience App includes our multi-factor Resilience Diagnostic assessment and a detailed company analytics dashboard.

“Resilience is an evidence-based, integral and practical solution to the human dimension of work. Building resilience mitigates problems like depression, distress and illness. It liberates the potential in our people to be well, effective and whole.

Resilience is a foundation and goal of strategy.”

Dr Sven Hansen, Founder

Delivering client resilience for over 20 years