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The practice of resilience is learning to be calm, energised, engaged, focused, and in flow. We empower individuals and organisations to be more resilient through resilience training, leadership development, keynotes, online training and the Resilience Diagnostic.

The outcomes of resilience training include:

  • Creating an inclusive and sustainable work environment
  • Ability to manage during change
  • Cross functional collaboration
  • Ability to lead in ambiguity
  • High performance, efficiency, agility, innovation
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We have a global team available to develop employee resilience through seminars, workshops and high-impact learning labs, focused on specific topics.

Our approach is practical and engaging, ensuring participants are equipped with skills that can be applied immediately. Whether you require employee resilience to work through organisational change or to build high performing teams, our approach is sure to make an impact.

We offer a comprehensive suite of scalable and on-demand digital tools, designed to help teams and individuals learn resilience skills and improve wellbeing. Our tools include:

  • Resilience Diagnostic – a multi-factor resilience assessment that produces both group and individual reports
  • RAPT online resilience training app featuring videos, quizzes and awards for successful completion
  • Goal Keeper – daily resilience tracker to help build momentum and achieve goals

“Many of us now work in constantly connected, always-on, highly demanding work cultures where stress and the risk of burnout are widespread. Since the pace and intensity of contemporary work culture are not likely to change, it’s more important than ever to build resilience skills to effectively navigate your worklife.”

– Harvard Business Review, 2016

“Resilience is an evidence-based, integral and practical solution to the human dimension of work. Building resilience mitigates problems like depression, distress and illness. It liberates the potential in our people to be well, effective and whole.

Resilience is a foundation and goal of strategy.”

Dr Sven Hansen, Founder

Resilience Diagnostic assessment tool

Individuals receive an instant result, including explanations, practice tips and a library of resources. The organisation receives a group overview with precise measures of the average score across all 60 factors. This report provides a powerful team diagnostic to define strengths and target opportunities for training.

Our global resilience diagnostic report shows that resilience training improves participant scores on every factor of resilience.
Examples of post Resilience Program improvements based on 26,099 people from 2011 – 2016:




Sleep Quality





Scalable resilience programs

Our workplace resilience training programs have delivered positive results across every category of resilience for organisations across the globe. We also deliver workplace wellbeing programs and train leaders to make an impact.