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The practice of resilience is learning to be calm, energised, engaged, focused, and in flow. We empower individuals and organisations to be more resilient through resilience training, leadership development, keynotes, online training and the Resilience Diagnostic.

Welcome from Dr Sven Hansen, Founder of The Resilience Institute

Resilience training

Our workplace resilience training programs have delivered positive results across every category of resilience for organisations around the world. Our approach is evidence-based, practical and delivers fast, measurable results. We also deliver workplace wellbeing programs and train leaders to make an impact.

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Online resilience training

The best of Dr Sven Hansen’s resilience training, packaged to deliver real world results. Learn more.

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Resilience diagnostic

Liberate your potential and become the best version of yourself with the Resilience Diagnostic Interactive. We also offer online training and a Resilience App for organisations.

The Resilience Diagnostic

Online Training for Organisations

Resilience Training for Individuals

Resilience training delivers measurable results

Our global resilience diagnostic report shows that resilience training improves participant scores on every factor of resilience.

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