Unlock the potential of your people with the power of resilience.

We help organizations understand their human strengths and risks, closing the gaps with precision training programs. Trusted since 2002 by the world‘s leading organizations.

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Organizations face many challenges today.

Prevent employee
Navigate a rapidly-
changing world.
mental health.
Up-skill their
Invest in corporate

We can help you with every single one.

Our approach is measurable, holistic and proven globally with thousands of clients.
We reduce distress, increase performance and improve mental health.

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What we do.

We are resilience experts and deliver a holistic package of solutions that fits your needs.

The world’s most trusted resilience assessment tool.

Your people KPI.

Measure what matters. Assess the resilience levels of your workforce to uncover hidden risks and strengths.  It’s the new way of measuring your organisation’s success – feeling the pulse of your people.

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How we transform your organisation.

Build performance with care.

Based on your results, our experts will up-skill your people in a uniquely precise way to face even the most demanding challenges. Our training is integral, practical and grounded in 20 years of research.

How it works

How it works.

We deliver tailor-made experiences following a proven flow of experiences.

1. Measure.

We assess human strengths and risks in your organization with the world’s most trusted resilience assessment.

2. Engage.

We analyse the data, benchmark your organization and personalise your training.

3. Transform.

Our network of certified coaches across the globe delivers trainings and workshops – calibrated to your needs.

4. Sustain.

Our network of certified coaches across the globe delivers trainings and workshops – calibrated to your needs.

What our clients say.

Why we care.

At Resilience Institute, we believe that resilient people create resilient organizations which eventually will create a more resilient planet.



Our purpose is to share and establish the rhythms of resilience with our clients, partners and communities.



Our vision is to support resilient people, who contribute to resilient  organizations and, ultimately, work to create a more resilient future  for our planet and species.



We are a proud member of the B Corp community, meaning we consider all  stakeholders, including planet earth. Business can be a force for good.

The Resilience Assessment

Discover your superpower.

Resilience empowers people and organizations to be their best selves.

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