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Employee mental and emotional well-being, already low before COVID-19, has gotten dramatically worse. As rising employee stress, anxiety and depression further impact engagement, productivity, turnover, employers need to boost employee resilience in response to this crisis.

Resilience enables employees to protect against negative experiences which otherwise could be paralyzing. And it helps employees maintain emotional balance during the adversity we’re experiencing today and reduces the likelihood of debilitating stress or depression.

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  • I appreciated being made aware of (because we all know it already) the correlation between the mind & the body. The fact that we can use our body to help our mind concentrate better is absolutely brilliant - I've tried it & it works!
    Kamakshi Besnard
    Global Delivery Program Manager, IBM
  • Before starting the seminar I had some knowledge about resilience, after the seminar I knew myself ... and felt on the path to harmony!
    Sylvain Bruneau
    Products & services Director, Elior
  • In the past, we used to train our managers to do appropriate things. After, we explained to them that it should be done with the appropriate behaviors. Now, with this training, we understand that it's deeper than we thought and it's all about our choice to live and to manage our personal day to day life.
    Bruno Gérin-Roze
    Head of Human Resources Europe – International Banking and Financial Services – Société Générale Group
  • This course opened my eyes to some small things which can be applied to my lifestyle that can make such a huge impact in the short term performance and long as in the long term quality of life!
    Fabio Morerio
    Manager, M&AD and Commercial Finance - Treasury and Corporate Finance - Shell International Limited, London
  • You really cannot afford not to do this course. Everyone needs to understand its content at certain times in their lives/career.
    Michael Flynn
    General Manage TL Marketing, Shell, London
  • This course is a must for those who work more than 12 hours a day
    Claudio Galimberti
    Senior Oil Markets Advisor, Group Strategy, Shell, Houston
  • Life can be much better and more enjoyable if one implements half of the suggestions from this resilience training.
    Can Senol
    Project Manager, Shell

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