We define resilience as the learned ability to bounce, grow, connect and flow.

The Resilience Institute was founded in 2002. Our mission is to deliver high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated Resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

Hundreds of thousands of executives and professionals have joined our community. They have built healthier bodies, achieved greater levels of emotional intelligence, and have developed stronger minds. Thus, they bring the performance benefits of resilience to work.


Resilient people are calm, energised, engaged, focused and creative. Learned resilience positively influences the way people think about themselves (less worry, hypervigilance, self-criticism) and their physical well-being (better sleep, nutrition, fitness, relaxation).


Participants who have engaged with the Resilience Institute have achieved, on average, a 0.55 increase in Resilience Ratio, with the greatest improvements shown in Wellbeing and Depression. Resilient people contribute their physical, emotional and cognitive mastery to organisational work.

When your organisation is resilient you will attract resilient people. This virtuous cycle separates the truly great from the average.

Resilience is an evidence-based, integral and practical solution to the human dimension of work. Building resilience mitigates problems like depression, distress and illness. It liberates the potential in our people to be well, effective and whole.

Resilience is a foundation and goal of strategy.

Dr Sven Hansen,

Founder, The Resilience Institute