Introducing the 2023 Global Resilience Report

May 23, 2023


Brad Hook

Welcome to the 2023 Global Resilience Report.

This year we focus on our younger generation, especially young females, who are struggling with increasingly declining resilience. Let's take a closer look at this timely report and its critical implications for HR Managers, Leaders, and C-level executives.

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The Rising Concern: Low Resilience Levels Among Young People

One of the most concerning findings of the report is the alarmingly low Resilience Ratios, particularly among individuals under 30. Young females were found to be struggling more than their male counterparts, with their resilience lagging behind in critical areas such as fitness, tactical calm, and bounce.

There is an equally concerning pattern in young females displaying lower levels of trust, purpose, focus, influence, decisiveness, impulse control, emotional agility, assertiveness, and sleep quality compared to young males. The issue is so significant that more than one in five females under 30 are considered to be at risk due to their particularly low Resilience Ratio. In contrast, this rate drops to about one in ten for those above 30 years old.

The Silver Lining: Young People’s Strengths

However, it's not all gloom and doom. Young people also possess great strengths such as positivity, empathy, and vitality, which significantly contribute to overall resilience and well-being. Leveraging these strengths, while concurrently addressing the areas of concern, can potentially reverse the worrying trend observed in the study.

The Pursuit of Happiness or Purpose?

In a thought-provoking section titled "To be Happy or Purposeful?", the report deliberates on happiness and purpose as contributing factors to physical, emotional, and mental fitness. It advocates for achieving a state of 'flow' while mastering challenges as a reliable path to fulfillment. Other essential elements of resilience include presence, vitality, positivity, and focus.

Building Resilience: Recommendations and Practical Tips

The report, divided into five comprehensive sections, offers actionable insights and practical advice for organizations to foster resilience among their young workforce. From useful infographics to specific recommendations for employers, it provides valuable tools to tackle the current resilience crisis.

As leaders, it's crucial that we prioritize the building of resilience skills in our workplaces. This means taking note of the findings and recommendations of the 2023 Global Resilience Report and using them to form strategies that nurture our younger employees and support them through these challenging times.

The Takeaway

The 2023 Global Resilience Report raises important questions about resilience in today's young workforce. While the data presents a cause for concern, it also points towards solutions. Building resilience skills is no longer a choice but a necessity for businesses seeking sustainable growth. Let's take up the challenge, armed with the insights from the report, and strive to create a more resilient workforce for a resilient future.

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