Introducing the New Resilience Assessment: A Game-Changer for Organizational Performance


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In an era marked by unprecedented stress and disengagement, the health of our workplaces is faltering. A startling 85% of employees report not being fully engaged at their jobs, a disquieting statistic that underscores a widespread struggle with motivation and commitment​ (Quixy)​. Moreover, the consequences of this disengagement are not merely emotional but profoundly economic, costing the global economy an estimated $8.8 trillion in lost productivity​ (Spill | Employee mental health support)​.

As businesses grapple with these challenges, the urgency for innovative solutions has never been greater. Enter the Resilience Institute Global’s latest breakthrough—the Resilience Assessment. This tool doesn't just measure; it transforms, turning the tide on burnout and disengagement by empowering leaders with actionable insights.

Why Resilience?

The demands of the modern workplace can be relentless. Stress, burnout, and disengagement are not just buzzwords—they are pressing issues that can derail even the most dynamic businesses. Resilience isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving. That's where our Resilience Assessment comes into play.

What’s New?

The Resilience Assessment has been meticulously redesigned to help leaders easily identify the risks within their team and make practical changes. Let's explore some of how we help team leaders better measure their team's Resilience. Let’s explore the cutting-edge features that set it apart:

  1. Enhanced Team Reporting and Team Dashboards: Access powerful leadership dashboards that provide insights into key organizational KPIs such as engagement, well-being and resilience and leader-specific resources and recommendations.
  2. Simplified Scoring System: We’ve shifted to a percentage-based scoring system, making it easier for individuals and leaders to interpret and act on the results.
  3. Leadership Lenses: This feature allows organizational leaders and managers to view resilience metrics from various perspectives—including mental health risks, well-being, engagement, and happiness—providing a holistic view of their teams.
  4. Updated Resilience Framework: Drawing on our fifth-generation resilience spiral model, this framework now includes elements such as empathy fatigue, social fitness, nature stewardship and nature-relatedness, reflecting the latest in resilience research.
  5. Robust Psychometric Support: The assessment’s reliability and validity are backed by extensive psychometric testing, ensuring that organizations can trust the insights provided.
  6. Advanced Web Interface: With privacy by design, our new interface offers seamless access to the assessment, tools and resources via "magic links" — with no username and password required.

Benefits for Your Organization

The Resilience Assessment is more than just a diagnostic tool; it’s a strategic asset. Here are some ways it can transform your organization:

  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Detect potential issues like burnout before they manifest, allowing for timely interventions.
  • Tailored Resources: Based on assessment results, access customized resources from our extensive library to address specific areas of need.
  • Leadership Development: Empower your leaders with data-driven insights that foster a supportive and resilient workplace culture.

What People Are Saying:

Brad Hook, Partner and Head of Innovation at the Resilience Institute, emphasizes the tool’s strategic benefits: "This tool shifts the focus towards increased accessibility for busy leaders, enabling them to identify and mitigate workforce risks before they become real-world challenges."

A client from a leading consulting firm shared, "The assessment is incredibly useful with its categories of Bounce, Well-being, and Performance Mindset. The 50 factors it assesses are vital for building a healthy and productive team."

How to Get Started

The Resilience Assessment is set to launch on May 20, 2024. To get a head start, individuals and organizations can apply for demo access. Experience first-hand how this tool can redefine the way you understand and improve your team’s resilience and performance.


As the workplace continues to evolve, so does the need for robust, science-backed tools that can lead to meaningful organizational change. The Resilience Assessment by the Resilience Institute Global represents a significant step forward in our mission to build more resilient organizations worldwide. Whether you’re looking to enhance engagement, reduce turnover, or foster a more supportive workplace, the Resilience Assessment is your partner in achieving these goals.

To get started, simply request demo access. Let us help you make resilience your organization’s strongest asset.

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