Resilience Diagnostic

Benchmark and measure resilience

The resilience, wellbeing and mental health assessment tool

The Resilience Diagnostic provides a detailed insight into the wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness of your people.  Reporting on 60 factors, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit to assist them build and develop bounce, improve lifestyle and resilience.

Our secure, online Resilience Diagnostic is based on 60 questions from the range of factors that determine resilience. It takes 10 minutes to complete and the personal Interactive Report is available immediately. With regular psychometrics and datamining, you can be sure that it works.

The Resilience Diagnostic is made up of 11 categories; each evaluated by a set of 5 to 7 questions.

These categories are defined as either asset or liability.

Highly resilient people have high asset scores and low liability scores.

The Resilience Ratio

A person’s resilience is determined by the sum of all Asset scores divided by the sum of all Liability scores (1-5)

Asset = High score a sign of Resilience

Liability = Low Score a sign of Resilience

The table above shows data points from 22,089 assessments over the past six years.
Clearly demonstrated are different starting points and different impacts of our interventions in different regions.

As our global footprint grows, we will have more detailed information on regions and industries.
At this stage, generalised conclusions on this data should be avoided.

Benefits of an organisational resilience assessment

Progressive organisations run at least two Resilience Diagnostic assessments annually. With resilience and wellbeing factors mapped against our Resilience Diagnostic and Development model (the spiral) leaders can quickly identify strengths, risks and opportunities for future training. The Resilience Diagnostic is used by organisations around the world, in five languages.


Takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


Provides a report detailing 60 factors of resilience.


Easy to roll out across organisations of any size.


Secure and confidential.

Resilience Diagnostic Results

A professional firm applies resilience in leadership development:

  • 39% increase in daily fitness
  • 19% increase in daily relaxation
  • 26% less overactive mind at night
  • 22% less distress

A banking team adds resilience to their leadership and delivers results:

  • 40% improved fitness
  • 33% greater enthusiasm
  • 47% less anhedonia (sadness)
  • 44% less distress

Resilience training drives improvements in every one of the sixty factors of resilience.

A small technology team uses our online training with coaching to transform:

  • 24% greater decisiveness
  • 23% greater fitness
  • 39% less worry
  • 32% less confusion

The Interactive Report is a detailed exploration of 60 Resilience Factors with  self-paced learning, practice tips, additional reading, videos and much more, delivered in a private and secure environment.

As an organisation, you will receive a comprehensive report on the resilience of your team. The report will define strengths to build on and opportunities for development. Before and after testing allows you to target your training and measure the impact of our work.