Resilience Keynote

Liberate potential, transform performance

Inspire your team with a short, high impact Resilience Keynote.

With global conference experience, we can assure you a powerful Resilience keynote for a major event. We customise our message to conferences, company events, corporate health initiatives, team building and leadership development.

Our most popular Keynote is Dr. Sven Hansen’s Seven Keys to Resilience,  an energising romp through the science and practice of Resilience, exploring and teaching the key concepts and critical practices of Resilience training. Liberate the potential of your people and transform performance.

Specialist Keynote options include:

  • Presence and Personal Impact
  • Stress is Dead: Long Live Flow
  • Health and Vitality
  • Mastering Mind and Emotion
  • EQ and Resonant Leadership
  • Leadership as Love