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Welcome to the European team page of the Resilience Institute, where we are committed to helping leaders and organizations thrive in challenging times.

At the Resilience Institute, we offer a range of products and services designed to help organizations build resilience, including resilience measurement, training, and coaching. Our approach is unique, combining cutting-edge digital tools with live training experiences to create a truly blended approach that delivers lasting results.

Our resilience measurement tools allow us to accurately assess an individual's or organization's current level of resilience, providing a valuable benchmark for future growth. Our training sessions take the form of webinars, workshops and retreats, designed to equip participants with the practical tools and techniques they need to build human resilience. Our executive coaching services are tailored to the needs of senior leaders, helping them to develop the resilience and emotional intelligence they need to lead their teams effectively.

What sets the Resilience Institute apart is our multi-lingual team of experts, who bring years of experience and a deep understanding of different cultures and contexts to every engagement. Our team is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their full potential by building resilience at all levels.

At the Resilience Institute, we understand that building resilience is not just a personal goal, but a critical business imperative. By investing in resilience training, organizations can create a more engaged, productive, and agile workforce, better able to navigate change and uncertainty. Our approach is designed to deliver measurable results, helping organizations to achieve their goals and thrive in today's complex business environment.

We have teams in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Switzerland, with the capacity to serve the rest of Europe. We have a proven track record working with organizations such as Nestle, AXA, PwC, Societe Generale and many more.

As part of our BCorp commitment we ensure that our programs have a positive impact at an individual, organizational and community level.

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We support thousands of organizations worldwide with precision training programs and our evidence-based digital toolkit. Our global team of resilience experts will be delighted to discuss your needs and share best practice tools for building resilient leaders and teams.

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