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Resilience Training in New Zealand since 2002.

New Zealand’s most trusted resilience training partner since 2002

The Resilience Institute was founded in by Dr Sven Hansen in 2002. Our mission is to deliver high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated Resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neuroscience.

To date, hundreds of thousands of executives and professionals have participated in our programme. They have built stronger bodies, achieved greater levels of emotional intelligence, and have developed stronger minds.

Our programme is designed to build competencies across mental health, stress management, wellbeing, emotion, positivity, focus and flow. We support organisations with training and toolkits that result, on average, in a 38% growth in resilience.

Resilience is the learned ability to bounce, grow, connect and flow.Dr Sven Hansen, Founder, the Resilience Institute

We work with many of New Zealand’s leading companies, government departments and educational institutions. Our approach is practical, integral and evidence-based. We provide high-impact face-to-face training as well as blended and online learning experiences. The Resilience Diagnostic assessment enables measurement of organisational resilience while providing team members with personalised resilience action plans.

The New Zealand Resilience Training Programme

Our programme leads participants on a learning journey designed to engage, inform and build confidence in the key skills that underpin personal resilience. The method involves assessing individual resilience, acquiring practical skills and behaviours, followed by ongoing focus themes and habit tracking to drive behavioural change.

Key Outcomes of the Programme

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We support thousands of organizations worldwide with precision training programs and our evidence-based digital toolkit. Our global team of resilience experts will be delighted to discuss your needs and share best practice tools for building resilient leaders and teams.

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