Webinar: Remote Work Rhythm

April 22, 2020


This webinar features simple solutions to help re-establish effectiveness and wellbeing while working from home. On the call we had Tania Clifton-Smith, Dr Sven Hansen and Brad Hook.

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Practical takeaways

When in Doubt Breathe Out - BradCliff Breathing

Tania explained the BradCliff Green Dot - using a green sticker as a reminder to stop, drop, flow and let go. Here's the process:

Stop Drop

Do a quick body check for tension, shoulders raise and release, pull shoulder blades together at the back and release, move legs and pelvis (order of tension release does not matter)

Flow and Let Go

Breathe Out through your mouth if necessary (nose is normal) as we hold a lot of tension in the jaw. Try breathing out as if you are blowing out a candle. Breathe in via the nose low and slow  (belly by the belt).

After breathing out... pause... continue what you were doing.

Other topics discussed

  1. Daily structure of basic wellbeing: sleep, exercise, nutrition, breaks
  2. Physiological rhythms and breathing: freeze, fight, flight reactions
  3. Work structure routines

About Tania Clifton-Smith

Physiotherapist, Dip Physiotherapy, MNZP, NZMTA ITEC (Lon), BradCliff Breathing Partner

Tania is a Musculo-Respiratory Physiotherapist and Director of BradCliff Breathing. She co-founded Breathing Works in 1998, which was the first clinic of its kind in Australasia. Throughout her career, Tania has been an inspiring influence on Health Professionals the world over and is a world expert in breathing dysfunction. She has a particular interest in children, athletes and the anxious client. Tania lectures within the medical profession and corporate sectors, and has been published both academically and in the mainstream.

Discover more at:  https://www.bradcliff.com/find-a-physio  

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