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Resilience Diagnostic and Resilience Cahoot Online Courses

The Resilience Diagnostic report gives you information to assist you in improving your resilience levels. It does not represent or replace clinical diagnosis. A red on any level is a call to action and we recommend you engage a health care professional (you can contact your Employee Assistance Program for help where available).

Your registration and access to the Resilience Diagnostic site and/or Resilience Cahoot Online Courses is for your individual use only. The resources provided on both programmes are not to be reproduced in any way without prior written consent from The Resilience Institute.

The Resilience Diagnostic and Resilience Cahoot Online Courses are not intended for children or teenagers under the age of 18 years.

We make every effort to keep our content up to date, evidence-based and safe. Please note: this is a rapidly developing field with new research daily and we ask that you remember this and engage in your own reading and validate the ideas proposed with other sources. In particular, please do not replace medical treatment with resilience practices without discussing fully with your health provider. In conjunction with sound medical advice, the skills of practical resilience can be used very effectively to improve your health.

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No refund will be provided on any of The Resilience Institute Resilience Cahoot online courses except in the case that the course fails to run due to technical problems. In the case that a Resilience Cahoot doesn’t run due to insufficient numbers of participants, the participants who have already paid will be offered a place on the next available course or their money refunded in full.


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