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We provide research-based resilience solutions that help people bounce, grow, connect and discover flow. We partner with organizations seeking to drive performance with care. We also serve a number of leadership development programs, schools and high-performance sporting teams.

Our method is simple: measure, learn, achieve, and repeat. We measure 60 factors of resilience through our secure online platform, featuring the Resilience Diagnostic assessment. The platform guides the participant from measurement to transformation, featuring instructional videos, practice tips, references, meditations, tracking and AI powered chatbot coaching. This is supported by live training sessions, delivered by our global network of consultants.


A post-training follow-up Diagnostic enables individuals and organizations to assess their progress and renew goals as they increase capability. As a consequence, we can collect aggregate data on engagement, pre and post diagnostic scores and the specific behaviours (factors) that change. We can report on resilience at an organizational, industry, regional and global level.

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The evolution

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Performance with care

The 2022 Global Resilience Report is your research-based guide to leadership through volatile times.

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History of our Resilience Diagnostic Research

For 15 years we have gathered and analysed millions of data points relating to human resilience.


Psychometrics analysed and improved with Professor Richard Fletcher (Massey)


Produced reports for clients on health checks and resilience, n ~ 30,000


Psychometrics on 10,000 questionnaires to improve V4 Diagnostic


Partnered with Datamine in New Zealand, n = 26,099.


Worked with Cabaceo in USA, n = 21,239.


Intermediate report with the introduction of our own in-house analytics software, n = 7,473.


Psychometrics in progress.

Organizational focus

Our reporting reflects ongoing change in the way organisations approach training. For many years human capital learning has been random, episodic workshops on ‘popular’ topics with piecemeal qualitative reviews. Since 2008, we have noticed an increasing interest in measuring human factors. Participants appreciated the opportunity to do a short self-assessment and receive a report. Participation in this stand-alone diagnostic was well over 90%.

We work with organizations globally to measure resilience across the workforce. The process is simple and individual privacy is ensured.


We provide an access code and individuals complete their personal Resilience Diagnostic.


We produce group reports highlighting strengths and risks across the workforce.


Follow-up Diagnostics prove the impact of training interventions, measuring change and transformation.

By focusing on better measurement, our goal is to show organisations how to measure, learn, and achieve resilience. Thereby, to continuously improve human factors to keep people safe, well and effective.

This includes:

What is the current state of resilience measured across thousands of people in different territories, organisations, and industries by age, gender and level?

How exactly do people engage with the assessment, learning and resources?

What are the most important factors behind high and low levels of resilience?

For those who complete the program, how does resilience change and specifically can we show improvements by category and factor of resilience?

Can we demonstrate a return on investment for organisations seeking to build resilient people and teams?

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