Resilience Masterclass

A 4-week deep dive into navigating stress, elevating mental fitness and mastering the art of flow for lasting high performance

Dates: Jun 21 - Jul 12 (sold out) or Sept 4 - 25 (get early bird discount now)
Format: Virtual - sessions delivered via MS Teams


Are you looking to turn life's pressures into opportunities for growth, enhance your habits for improved performance, and escape the cycle of stress and burnout?

Our resilience Masterclass is for those whO:
  • Want to transform daily routines into a rhythm that boosts their productivity and performance
  • Seek clarity and focus in this fast-moving world
  • Want to maintain high energy levels at work and personal life without the burnout
  • Look to have a deeper sense of satisfaction, purpose and calm

In our daily lives, we encounter moments that test our well-being and performance, often without realizing that resilience is a skill we can learn and hone. Therefore, we created this 4-week course in which you will learn:

  • 5 habits that highly resilient people do consistently
  • strategies to bounce forward from distress fast
  • scientifically proven lifestyle changes that are key to high- performance and well-being
  • understanding and regulating emotions with practical tools and cultivate positivity and fulfilment
  • how high performers achieve flow state and a 500% productivity boost

This course delves deep into the science behind resilience, exploring proven techniques to bounce forward from adversity, manage pressure, sustain energy, cultivate a positive mindset and find flow at work. Through engaging e-workshops, interactive exercises and expert guidance, you will develop your resilience muscles and gain critical life skills.

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“You really cannot afford not to do this course. Everyone needs to understand its content at certain times in their lives/career.”

Michael Flynn

General Manager GTL Marketing at Shell
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“A holistic insight into who you are today - and what you could be doing, well indeed should be doing - in order to make the "bounce back" from any adversity faster and more effective. A very timely intervention for those in mid-careers/ senior executives who have "no time" to stop! It was a wow for me!”

Mark Hall

SVP LHH Recruitment Solutions UK&I
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“This course opened my eyes to some small things which can be applied to my lifestyle that can make such a huge impact in the short term performance and long as in the long term quality of life!”

Fabio Morerio

M&A and Commercial Finance manager at Shell
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“I appreciated being made aware of (because we all know it already) the correlation between the mind & the body. The fact that we can use our body to help our mind concentrate better is absolutely brilliant - I've tried it & it works.”

Kamakshi Besnard

Global Delivery Program Manager at IBM

What will you receive?

live classes

Small group classes offer mix of theory, case studies, practical exercises, and group activities

resilience assessment

Pre and post course self-assessment showcasing you your resilience

1-year access

To Resilience Digital Toolbox including monthly live sessions and multiples online resources

bonus insights

Refresher session offered 1 month after the end of the course.

The Resilience Masterclass is ideal for for those seeking to enhance their adaptability, decision-making skills, and creative problem-solving abilities. By investing in your resilience, you're not only preparing yourself to navigate life's inevitable challenges but also positioning yourself for greater success and fulfillment.

We teach top experts how to achieve performance with care
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What will you learn?

Only two 4-week Masterclasses on offer

Summer Masterclass: Fridays 4 - 6 pm CET  on June 21, 28, July 5, 12
Bonus follow up session on September 6  4 - 5 pm CET (sold out)

Autumn Masterclass:
Wednesdays 4 - 6 pm CET on Sept 4, 11, 18, 25  
Bonus follow up session on  October 30  5 - 6 pm CET

Transform and thrive in your daily life:
master resilience and fulfillment in 4 weeks

June/July Masterclass - sold out
September Masterclass - use Grow2024 for a special rate of €949 (regular price €1249)
offer valid until July 31st

When signing up for this course, you invest in a lifetime of enhanced productivity, deeper satisfaction, and the tools to thrive professionally and personally. This is an investment in becoming the best version of yourself. In this masterclass, you will receive:

  • 4 live classes with Resilience Experts
  • pre and post Resilience Assessment which will provide you insights into your current state of well-being
  • 1 year access to Resilience Toolbox filled with resources and monthly live training sessions featuring specific resilience topics
  • BONUS live class one month after the course to refresh and deepen the knowledge
  • strategies, insights and tools backed by scientists and adopted by top performers in different fields

Track your resilience

Dive deeper than ever before into understanding yourself with our Resilience Assessment. This isn't just another questionnaire; it's a journey into the core of your mental, emotional, and physical resilience.  Pre and Post Resilience Assessments will provide you with personalized insights on your:

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Mental health
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Recovery and relaxation
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Stress management
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Focus, flow state (high performance) and cognitive skills
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Emotional competencies and collaboration
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Trust, integrity and purpose
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FAQ about Resilience Masterclass

Is this masterclass for me?

It's perfect for anyone interested in improving their ability to cope with stress, adapt to change, and thrive in both their professional and personal lives. Open to all, this masterclass aims to equip participants with the tools needed for optimal performance and well-being, regardless of their current role or industry. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

How is the Resilience Masterclass taught?

You will be invited to 2-hour live class every week over 4 consecutive weeks. We believe in magic of small groups (max 16 participants). Our classes consist of mix of theory, case studies, practical exercises, and group activities to keep everyone engaged and inspired to take action.

What is pre and post Resilience Self-assessment?

The Resilience Self-Assessment is a personalized tool that offers insights into your well-being and personal growth areas. It evaluates key aspects like mental health, stress management, well-being, and emotional competencies, along with your abilities in focus, flow, and cognitive skills. It also touches on values such as trust, integrity, and purpose. This diagnostic aims to highlight your strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement, supporting your journey towards enhanced personal resilience and satisfaction.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! Certificate of attendance delivered for 100% participation.

Will there be class recordings available?

We will not make recordings of the session for matter of privacy of discussions. The participants who missed a session will be given the video sections in the Digital Toolbox that will help them catch up with content missed.

What is Resilience Institute?

Resilience Institute is a global leader in providing evidence-based, integrated resilience training. Founded in 2002 by sports medicine Dr. Sven Hansen, the Resilience Institute is renowned for its high-impact, evidence-based resilience training. Its comprehensive approach integrates modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and high-performance sports psychology to deliver practical and integrated resilience training. 100000 leaders, managers and employees have joined our programmes. Click here to learn more.