Measure your team's burnout risk, adaptability, and performance mindset

The fifth generation Resilience Assessment helps leaders measure the risk factors that are barriers to peak performance. Learn what is holding your team back, and gain actionable insights to move your team towards resilience and away from burnout.

Proactively mitigate burnout, reduce stress levels, and boost productivity

For the past 22 years, our Resilience Assessment has been a cornerstone in measuring organizational well-being and resilience. We’ve discovered that many organizations neglect crucial performance drivers such as stress levels, burnout risk, and adaptability, leading to lower productivity, higher turnover, and reduced engagement.

Why Choose Our Resilience Assessment?

Comprehensive Metrics
: Evaluate over 50 key indicators like distractibility, overload, uncertainty, trust, empathy fatigue, health awareness, and sleep quality.
Proactive Insights: Identify potential issues like burnout risk before they escalate, ensuring you can take preemptive action.
Real-Time Dashboards: Effortlessly track your team’s wellness through our leadership dashboards, providing immediate insights into critical areas.

By integrating our Resilience Assessment, organizations worldwide have transformed their approach to employee well-being. This tool not only reveals the current state of your team's health but also empowers leaders to make informed decisions that foster a supportive and adaptive work environment.

Ready to empower your team? Take the Resilience Assessment today and turn workplace challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience. See the difference proactive well-being management can make in your organization.


program participants


increase in performance


reduction in mental distress


increase in resilience

The Resilience Assessment helps you gain insight into your team's dynamics

With real-time insights into your team's well-being, you'll be equipped to foster a culture of care and high performance. Imagine the impact of having the right data at your fingertips, enabling you to proactively address issues, boost morale, and drive results.

Do you know:

  • What are your team's engagement levels?
  • If your team is at mental health risk?
  • How well  your team scores in resilience?
  • Your team's health awareness and well-being score?

Our newest feature, Lenses, allows you to view your data through the lens that matters most to you.

Why is this important? Because your team's focus and performance are influenced by these factors. Teams that prioritize well-being report better collaboration, productivity, and overall success.

The Resilience Assessment enables you to be a leader who knows more and stands out in a world that demands performance with care.

Staying on top of the game is difficult. Use the Resilience Assessment to navigate your challenges

Day-to-day, leaders face numerous hurdles. Managing a business entails juggling multiple priorities: finances, quality, stakeholder engagement, KPIs, and more. Monitoring your team's performance can be daunting without proper insights. Resilience Assessment is here to streamline the process and provide you with the answers you need.

With the insights you gain, you can:

  • Implement strategies to combat burnout.
  • Enhance focus and productivity.
  • Understand how your team compares with others.
  • Foster a working environment that promotes flow and peak performance.

By investing in the Resilience Assessment you lead your organization to new heights of success, powered by a team that feels valued, supported, and ready to embrace any challenge.

"More than half of employees (59%) are quiet quitting (not engaged), and 18% are loud quitting (actively disengaged). Quiet quitting employees cite issues related to employee engagement or culture, pay and benefits, or wellbeing as areas they would change about their workplace to make it better."

- Gallup, 2023

Companies That Care About Their Employees Have Lower Turnover. Personalized Support with the Resilience Assessment.

The Resilience Assessment provides personalized action plans for each participant.

Our assessment also provides access to the Resilience Institute content library: videos, worksheets, articles and podcasts, for those who want to deepen their knowledge.

Case study: Global Healthcare Organization

With the Resilience Assessment, a global healthcare organization uncovered shocking insights into their workforce's well-being. They discovered that a staggering 86% of their team was at risk of burnout or turnover. This included 54% in a state of overload, 51% unable to focus, and 56% experiencing low energy. These findings prompted targeted interventions, leading to a significant reduction in burnout risk and an improvement in overall team morale and engagement.

Case study: Global Game Developer

The Resilience Assessment shed light on the challenges facing this global organization, revealing that an alarming 96% of their workforce was compromised or challenged. Through targeted interventions guided by Resilience Assessment insights, they achieved remarkable results, including a significant increase in stress management skills and a boost in overall team well-being, leading to enhanced performance and productivity.

Case study: Technology Company

The Resilience Assessment showed significant challenges within this European tech firm, where nearly 40% of the workforce was compromised with extremely low resilience. Armed with actionable insights, the organization embarked on a journey of transformation. The result? A remarkable decrease in challenged individuals, coupled with a 40% increase in the number of individuals marked as thriving or good.

Resilience Insights made simple

The Resilience Assesment in Action

Organizations that work with us see real-world results

Become one of the leading companies that understand the importance of well-being culture.

I would recommend this to every professional. Practices are so easy; everyone can apply them. If we care about our people, we want them to be well. I would say that this is the most responsible way to push performance.

Julia Lauricella

Working with the Resilience Institute, helped me and my team improve our resilience scores over 3 months. We found it to be so valuable that we plan to deploy it across the Critical Care organization in Europe.

Carine Schorochoff
Edwards Lifesciences
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