The Resilience App

Resilience Institute online training

The Resilience App: the Resilience Institute Online Training brings all of our training, daily practice tips and resources into the palm of your hand.

We developed the Resilience App with the following objectives:

  • Provide immediate, accessible and powerful support to our training
  • Allow our clients to customise and brand their own versions
  • Make our online training available 24/7 to participants and families
  • Integrate the concepts and practices of resilience into your life
  • Provide tips and insights to help you build resilience immediately

Resilience when you need it

Carry your personalised Resilience guru with you wherever you like. You have the ability to check your progress throughout the day, set reminders to keep you on track, listen to relaxation techniques and much more. Resilience help is available in your pocket, accessible for you whenever you need it.

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Proven methodology

The app incorporates practical and interactive instruction backed by scientific research. It includes tips, hints, videos and quick links proven to enhance individual and group performance. You will find only factual, evidence-based knowledge and insights in Resilience App.


Works on every device

Our app is user friendly both on smartphones and as a website on any computer. There is no need for extra downloads, purchases or programmes outside of Resilience App.


For organisations

Our Resilience Online Learning platform enables you to brand the Resilience App as your own, and customise the entire user interface. Want to run your own programs alongside the Resilience App? Need a way of placing critical tools and resources in every employee’s pocket?

Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

Tools & Features

Video Training

The Resilience App includes core resilience video modules delivered by our facilitators.

My Plan

Create your own notes and strategies to help you apply the training to your own life.

My Awards

Get rewarded with animated medals when you achieve significant milestones.


Resilience in every language, at the click of a button (thanks Google!).

Quick Tips

Short, sharp tips to keep you focused during your learning journey.


You can bookmark any page and easily return to it later.

User Progress

From the Dashboard you can see how much of each course you have completed.

Fun User Interface

Animations, bright colours and responsive design make learning enjoyable.


Throughout the courses we link to a range of resources so learners can explore subjects in more depth.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations worldwide

…our staff found the facilitation extremely professional and many took away concrete
commitments in terms of changes of practices they would make to create a more sustainable
approach to their work and their life in general.

Beth Callen

Global HR Manager, Downstream Strategy Portfolio & Alternative
Energies, Shell International Petroleum Company


Resilience training works

The proof is in the results

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.56 to 1.92 – a 23% gain

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.4 to 1.71 – a 22% gain

Resilience Ratio improved from 1.92 to 2.39 – a 25% gain

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